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Are you searching for a daily disposable contact lens solution that you can wear the entire day but won’t even remember you’re using? If so, then the breakthrough design of the new Dailies TOTAL1 product – the world’s first and only water-gradient contact lenses – is sure to win you over quickly.

Welcome to a new era in contact lenses. With a surface water content of 80% (nearly the same as the actual surface of the eye), and an outer edge lens surface that approaches 100% water, TOTAL1 contacts are exceptionally moist and breathable to wear, and provide ideal comfort for the whole day. They’re especially perfect for people who struggle with dry, scratchy, gritty, irritated eyes.

The lenses are many times more breathable than other daily disposable products, and in fact have been proven to have the highest breathability (oxygen transmissibility) of any daily disposable contact lens on the market. This not only makes for the ultimate wearing experience, but also helps wearers to keep white, healthy-looking eyes all day, every day.

Since eyes generally blink at least 14,000 times per day, it’s also important for contact lenses to have a particularly smooth surface so that friction against the delicate tissues of the eyes is reduced. The silky surface of Dailies TOTAL1 contacts has been perfectly created to ward against this issue.

Eye-care professionals around the world have been singing the praises of these new lenses since they were launched. For example, in one recent survey practitioners rated the Dailies TOTAL1 contacts as the highest option in terms of overall performance.

In addition, according to studies, 9 out of 10 patients who tried the TOTAL1 lenses felt nothing when they wore them. As well, a recent survey conducted in Singapore demonstrated another fantastic outcome. Wearers using Dailies TOTAL1 contacts enjoyed a significant improvement in eye comfort after a week – the dryness felt at the end of a day wearing lenses was reduced by a significant 43% in just seven days. 88% of those same consumers found that they could wear lenses comfortably all day long after switching to the new product. 

Designed by Alcon, a global leader in eye care, and made of delefilcon A, these disposable daily contact lenses come in a pack of 90 for three months of use, or longer if you don’t wear contacts every day. You can order the lenses in a power range from +6.00 to -12.50.

Also available in 90 Packs


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